Andrew M Hurley: Interview

I interview Andrew M Hurley, author of two short story collections, Cages and The Unusual Death of Julie Christie and other stories for the Lancashire Writing Hub.


Love this typeface …

Spent a lovely 30 minutes looking at the Conqueror site (via the Creative Review blog) and discovered that as well as doing (gorgeous) print paper they’ve also designed a range of typefaces – this one is Conqueror Carved – available to download (for free). Nom, nom, nom.

Nick Cave: Grinderman

This track (IMO) is a fantastic music equivalent to Matt Bell’s How They Were Found.

New story at 6S

Very short story Killer Phrase up on Six Sentences today. Thank you Rob.

Short fiction resources

To celebrate my blog’s second anniversary I decided to organise my links. Well, no that isn’t why I’ve done it. I did it because I saw a comment on a friend’s blog (congrats Cathy btw!) which said [extract] ‘it’s not easy finding collections/anthologies of short stories’. Waaaaaaah. I thought, what about The Short Review for starters… so I went through my links (just to check The Short Review was on it, which it was – phew) and decided I’d got so many sites listed under ‘blogroll’ (why ‘blogroll’? WHY?) that I’d re-organise them into a more useful resource.

I’ve probably (I admit) taken a more writing-centric than reading-centric approach to the organising of the list, but – whether you’re primarily a reader or a reader/writer – the new category, Short Fiction Places includes a wide cross section of online and print short fiction publishers – places where you might read stories online or buy collections/anthologies or submit stuff.

The categories Writer Blogs and Writer Resources are self-explanatory and blogs I think make interesting reading. I’ve also added a category Creative Places, which includes links to other sites which feed my creative soul.

Whether you’re a reader or writer or both, I hope you find this useful. If there’s anything I’ve missed out, which you think deserves to be included, please let me know!


For those who don’t know it, The Short Review is an online journal which, ‘shines a spotlight’ on short story collections and anthologies, with links to author interviews, reviews, and ‘where to buy’. So no excuses …

Reading at night …

For me reading books is a night-time thing. I read news or non-fiction – online mostly – during the day. I can’t quite overcome the ‘guilt’ thing, the stupid bit of my head that nudges the bulky yet largely ineffective ‘work ethic’ bit and says – no, that (fiction or non-fiction) is just too enjoyable, save it till later, wait until your eyes are bleeding and your brain’s about to fry then you can read a few pages before you drop off to sleep.

It wasn’t always like this. In my twenties I was a freelance designer and when I wasn’t working I’d read all day every day. I remember six blissful (work-free) weeks when I read over 40 books. A whole book every day for six weeks. Can only imagine that now.

At the moment, apart from short stories that I read online during the day, even my night-time reading is restricted to non-fiction. Probably because I’m thinking about writing. Two of the books I’m alternating between are Short Circuit – A Guide to the Art of the Short Story edited by Vanessa Gebbie and Stephen King’s On Writing, both of which are re-reads but they fill my head up with good and useful stuff, appease my work ethic, are exceptionally enjoyable AND set me off in the right frame of mind the following day.


Short Circuit: A Guide to the Art of the Short Story.
Ed Vanessa Gebbie (Salt Publishing)

Via The Book Depository:
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. Stephen King