A new view of the hills

throughthewindowhedgecutThe past couple of years I’ve been posting #throughthewindow images to Instagram. Most were taken where I live – up on the hill in the spring, summer and autumn, and from a first floor apartment window in a town nearby during the winter. None of the views are in any way remarkable, but I take a lot of photographs and it became a habit of sorts. Like just now, sat by the window and distracted by the sky, my eyes glued to the hillside opposite, I grab my camera and take this.

This is not my usual view. This is what it’s been like for the last couple of years (previous through the window photos]. The main components? An unremarkable hedge and expanse of sky, uncomplicated by distant hills, trees and fields.

Personally I like the new view but – from a photographic point of view – no. The old view is properly unremarkable. Leylandi have few aesthetic qualities. My interest has been in the sky, the balance of light and dark, the angle of sunlight or rain.

Now the hedge has been cut and is 8 feet lower and the new view is not quite properly unremarkable so this will probably be the last photograph I take from here, unless the hedge grows.


Through the window …

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On the border

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Most days I cross the border from Wales to England, on foot, either to pick up the car or do some shopping at the local supermarket. I’ve taken these photos over the last few months. Some were taken in the afternoon on my way back home across the border, others – rare ones that show the sun shining directly into the lens – were taken in the morning. These remind me that I’m facing east.

From Craig-y-Llyn

From Craig-y-Llyn

Took this on way home from Llangeinor. Drove up through Rhondda valley and stopped for a break at Craig-y-Llyn before heading over to the Brecon Beacons. Dramatic sky and post-industrial landscape reminded me of the Pennines.